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Architectural Acoustics

Room design
Wall and ceiling shaping
Room finishes
Reverberant sound energy control

Interior Sound Barrier Construction

Partitions, ceilings, floors, doors, windows
Demountable partitions
Operable partitions
Demountable rooms
Building envelope noise reduction


Acoustic performance and design criteria
Space planning and facility layout
Project phasing
Sustainability and acoustics


Speech privacy
Speech intelligibility
Acoustic quality

Noise + Vibration Control

Equipment mounting and isolation
Fan noise reduction
Aerodynamic noise control
Plumbing, piping and fluid flow noise control
Sound isolation

Environmental Noise Control

Community noise analysis
Amphitheater sound propagation
Outdoor mechanical equipment noise control


Core + Shell Assessments

Base building equipment noise and vibration control
Core and shell noise criteria
Site selection acoustic criteria and evaluation

Acoustic Surveys + Testing

Background and intrusive noise 
Sound isolation and vibration testing
Outdoor and community noise levels
Reverberation time, impulse response and decay characteristics
NC, RC, NIC, TL, RT60, NR, SPP, SII, STI, more

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